We are organizing “Open Data Application Contest” for developing applications, through public subscription, making use of public data that have been made open in the 7 demonstration experiments implemented in this fiscal year in order to promote the use of public data by the private sector.

What's New

Introduction of Submitted Applications

Submitted applications, not limited to prize-winning works, have been posted in the Submitted Works page. Introduction of individual works and applications, however, is limited to those given permission from the applicants.

Provision of Open Data after Demonstration Experiments (Advance Announcement)

In the Open Data Application Contest, we invited submission of apps with the theme of use of open data provided from 7 demonstration experiments implemented by the Ministry of Communications. As already announced in "Notice of Data Provision Period of Demonstration Experiments" on January 27, it was supposed to terminate the data provision at the end of each verification test.
However, the prize-winning apps as well as submitted apps may not normally function after the termination of data provision, and there have been requests to continue the open data. Upon the coordination with the Communications Ministry and service providers concerned, we now announce the continuation of provision of many of data.
The details of the Open Data provision after the end of the Demonstration Experiments are shown in the table below. Since some data will not be provided any more, some prize-winning and submitted apps related to those data may not function properly, and your kind understanding will be appreciated.
Since considerations have been made for the continuation of data provision even in the case of data termination, we will deliver the due announcement if data provision is resumed.

Verification Test Data Provision
 1. Local Government Information Demonstration  Up to March 20, 2014
 2. Social Capital Demonstration  To be continued. (A part of data provision may be discontinued in future.)
 3. Tourism Demonstration  To be continued. (A part of data provision may be discontinued at March 20.)
 4. Disaster Prevention Demonstration

 Kyoto field:Up to March 31.

 Ibaraki Field:To be continued. (A part of data provision may be discontinued in future.)

 5. Public Transportation Demonstration  Up to March 27.
 6. Statistics and Catalogue Demonstration  To be continued.
 7. Hay Fever Related Information Demonstration  Up to April 15. (A part of data provision may be discontinued at March 16.)

Introduction of Prize-Winning Works

The prize-winning works in the Application Contest have been posted and detailed in the Prize-Winning Works Page. Posting of other submitted works are currently under preparation.

The Best Prize to "Mr. Pollen ("!

Open Data Promotion Consortium, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications, organized "Open Data Applications Contest" in Jan. to Feb., 2014. In spite of the first ever such event, considerable interests were raised, and as many as 92 works have been submitted.

After the strict assessment by ODPC's Data Utilization & Dissemination Committee and Technical Committee, and Open Data Verification Project contractors of the Communications Ministry, following applications were selected as prize winners, and the award ceremony was held today.

In parallel, the commendation of excellent approaches toward Open Data which has been implemented since last fiscal year was also undertaken. The details of this project has been posted on the OPDC's website for your review.

1. Examination Results

Prize Applicant   Prize-Winning Application
Best Hakuhodo i-studio Mr. Pollen (
Excellent Co.,Ltd,
Team megasaba
Photo Location Hunter !
Fine Work Tokyo International
Sato laboratory
Technique ※ Code for Platinum Society Base Application for Data Creators who Support the Platinum Society.
Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies at Tokyo University, Nakao Laboratory BeaconCast
Takashi Tokuda Safety Compass for Kyoto City
Local Government Information Demonstration Miyagi Technical HighSchool,
Information Research Club
~Disaster Prevention Bag for
Information~ iSHelper
Social Capital Demonstration HORIZON Co., Ltd Application to Support the Visually Impaired
Kyoto Flower Tourism Limited Company Local Navi
Disaster Prevention Demonstration Super Dimension Japan GIS Tsunami Evacuation Navi
Public Transportation Demonstration Yukihiko Shigesada 3D Yamanote Line Clock
Statistics and Catalogue Demonstration Ayaka Okada Hello Town!
Hay Fever Related Information Demonstration Hakuhodo i-studio Mr. Pollen (※
Double Prize Winning with the Best Prize

 ※ Since one of the Technique Prize winners declined its supplementary prize, 3 applicants were eventually awarded the Technique Prize.

2. Award Ceremony

The details of the Award Ceremony will be posted on the ODPC's website in due course.

3. Submitted Works

The 92 submitted works in the contest will be posted on the specific page of our website, which is currently under preparation. Upon the completion of the preparation, the announcement will be duly made.

Prize Winners to be Decided Today !

The prize winners of the applications contest will be announced in the 4th Data Utilization & Dissemination Committee Meeting to be held from 10 AM today (March13). Since the webcast of the Award Ceremony is also slated, it is recommended to connect to it for those who are eager to view the scene.

  • Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
  • Open Data Promotion Consortium